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Protecting The Best Interests Of Children In Custody And Visitation Cases

Divorce and separation aren’t easy for anyone, but children are often hit the hardest. Divorce comes with big changes that impact all aspects of their lives. They may be uprooted, at least part of the time, from the only home they’ve known. They have to adapt to a new schedule and frequent transitions. Also, they must cope with spending more limited time with each parent.

At Betty Russo Law, P.C., I understand the struggles that children face. I’m an experienced child custody attorney based in Virginia Beach. Having spent 15 years as a preschool teacher before embarking on my legal career, I have a wealth of insight that I apply to help children and their parents navigate the custody process. My goal is to help you protect your children’s interests and create a thoughtful parenting plan that will stand the test of time.

Understanding Child Custody In Virginia

There are two aspects to child custody:

  • Establishing the legal decision-making authority, which may be joint (meaning both parents have equal authority) or sole (meaning only one parent has that authority)
  • Setting the physical custody schedule, including the division of the children’s time between each parent

While these are the broad aspects of custody, a parenting plan must address numerous details. You will need to think through things like extracurricular activities, educational opportunities, holidays and how to handle disagreements. Your custody arrangement will also impact child support.

Setting The Groundwork For A Successful Future

You and your children deserve a well thought-out parenting plan that will meet your children’s needs, providing them with the support and stability they need to thrive. I am passionate about helping parents develop successful custody arrangements. I understand the challenges of coparenting, and by taking a proactive stance in anticipating and addressing hurdles, I can help you minimize conflicts down the road.

I also represent military families navigating the difficult road of divorce or separation. I have insight into the unique challenges that these families face.

Let’s Discuss Your Child Custody And Visitation Questions

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, heartbroken and fearful when you and your children are facing such major changes. My goal is to ease your worries and guide you through the process, empowering you to make decisions that you can feel good about.

I’m available to discuss your questions and concerns and to get to know each other during a free 30-minute consultation. Call 757-918-7862 or fill out a quick online contact form to get in touch. I handle custody cases in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and the surrounding region.